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            • Easy to join and use
            • FarmersOnly Android app
            • Compatible with mobile browsers
            • A large niche dating site for farmers


            • The website design is out of date
            • Android app is not responsive design
            • Doesn't have iOS app
            • Limited features for standard members

            The Internet is full of websites that promise you will find wonderful dating opportunities and perhaps even a perfect match with the love of your life. Of course, you need to learn to separate the marketing hype from the reality of each of these sites. In this review, we will be looking at one of the popular dating websites on the web today – We will help you to learn more about the site, what it offers, the good and the bad, and whether it might be the right choice for you.

            What is FarmersOnly?

            Everyone deserves to meet someone special, someone who might become their soulmate. Of course, when you are living in a rural area and you already know the neighbors and everyone in town, it can be frustratingly difficult to meet people that you can date. Fortunately, you have the option of, a niche website that strives to help farmers and other rural folks find like-minded people.

            The goal of the website is to help those who are farmers or who live out in the country to find matches with people who also live in those areas, or those who might simply have the same interests and who might be open to dating someone from the country.

            How Popular is FarmersOnly?

            According to the reports from (reported on January 4, 2017), ranks as the 11,024th in all websites of United States.

            How Popular is FarmersOnly?

            Who Visits FarmersOnly?

            Most members of, around 91.4%, are from United States, and nearly 3.1% members are Canadians. This niche dating website has a roughly equal number of males and females, it’s really good for members to find a date or perfect match.

            Who Visits FarmersOnly?


   has a free option, so you can sign up and set up a profile. However, you have limited access, and many people who want to get the most from the site will want to upgrade to premium. The site offers several different membership options.

            • 1 month membership for $21.95
            • 3 months membership for $39.96 ($13.32 per month)
            • 6 months membership for $65.94 ($10.99 per month)

            Website Design

            When you visit a dating website, you want to have a good experience. You do not want to have to think about the navigation experience or how to use certain features. The site design tends to be simple, but with this site, it does not mean that everything is intuitive. You may still have some trouble when it comes to navigation in the beginning, but you should get the hang of things relatively quickly.

            It is no accident that the site was built with simplicity in mind. It does not have all the bells and whistles that you find with some of the other sites, but that is so it can still work well with people who have slower connections because they live in rural areas. Even those who have very slow connections should have a good experience with the performance of the site.

            However, others might not like just how few overall actual features the site seems to have when compared with other dating websites. This tends to be a matter of preference. You can set up a free account to get a better idea of how the site works and what it offers, and then determine whether the site design is workable for you or not.

            Despite the simple overall design of the site, some have complained that they have had issues finding what they need through the site. This could be a case where trying to make things simple made them more confusing to try to find different areas of the site and different features and functions.

            Active Members Test

            The site boasts around 150,000 active members, both male and female. As with any type of dating site on the web, you will find there are some dubious accounts and some people who might be real, but who are not what they claim. That comes with the territory of any site.

            However, you will notice that the pool of people who are on is smaller than it is on many other sites. This is because it is a niche site. Even the tagline – “City Folks Just Don’t Get It” – points out as much. Only those who are in the rural parts of the country, or who want to date someone from those rural areas tends to be on the site. This means that the number of people on the site who are legitimately seeking someone else with the same interests is lower than other sites. Of course, because the site has such a narrow focus, it could increase the chance of finding someone who is a good actual match for you.

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            Something else you need to keep in mind is that even though the site might be named, you will find many people on the site who are not actual farmers, but those who live in rural areas. You could also find those who do not even live in rural areas currently, although they might have at a different point in life. As with any site though, you will want to look deeper into the person you are messaging before you believe that you’ve found the “farmer of your dreams.” Know more about the person and what you are getting into.

            Scam Test

            It is important to make sure you verify the authenticity of a site before you sign up, and you need to know exactly what you are getting from that site. You want to make sure it is not a scam, and that they are forthcoming about what the site does and does not offer. Some members of have complained that those who are Standard Members, through the free version of the site, do not have the access they were promised.

            Namely, they are upset over their access to the site’s “Flirt” feature. The FAQs say that Standard Members can send and receive their flirt messages to learn more about a person to see if they are interested in communicating more before they pay to upgrade their account and get access to more of the communication features and to read the flirts that were sent back. Ultimately, the “free” features seem like a tease, since the only way you can make any real progress with someone is to buy a premium account. Of course, they are running a business, so this makes sense for them.

            Features of the Site

            As a standard member, you are able to:

            • join and create a profile for free;
            • send unlimited flirts to other members who you are interested in;
            • see all online members;
            • “Discover” attractive members nearby and show your likes or dislikes.

            When you upgrade your membership, you will have more features and more access to methods of communicating through the site. Those who are paid members to the site will have the ability to send and receive an unlimited number of emails to others on the site. Those who meet someone, or who are connecting with different people to see if there is a true match will appreciate this. Premium members can also see the status of other members and can see when those other members last visited the site. This way, if you find someone who interests you, but they haven’t been on the site in over a year, you know to look elsewhere.

            One of the other benefits of being a premium member is the ability to post unlimited photos. Having photos on your site is a good way to increase the number of hits on your profile. People want to see what other members look like, as this is one of the best ways to determine whether they are interested or not. Having several photos is a good way to get more attention on the site. Be sure you understand the rules and regulations for putting up photos on the site, so they can go through and be approved without issue.


            In today’s world, it is not enough to have just a website. You also need to have applications that people can download to their phones. If you are using an iPhone, you can’t use FarmersOnly on your mobile phone since it doesn’t have iOS app. While you can find Android app for FarmersOnly on the Google Play, it is not as serviceable as many members would like. The applications tend to get average reviews across the board because the app has caused crashes, particularly when uploading a photo.

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            Others have had trouble signing into the site and signing up for the service through the application. Some have claimed that they had trouble searching and narrowing down searches on the site through the app, as well. The last time the app was updated was in February of 2016.

            Pros and Cons of FarmersOnly

            Now, we will break down the good and the bad that we’ve discovered when it comes to It is important to understand both the good and the bad when it comes to the site, as this can help to give you a better indication of whether it is a good choice for you.

            First, we will look at the potential cons of the site.

            As mentioned, one of the biggest issues that people have had with the site is the fact that you do not have many features available until you upgrade to premium. In fact, many may feel that unless you are willing to upgrade right away to experience what the site offers, it is not worth it. Others have claimed that they had some issues with trying to get a refund from the site, even though it is supposed to be easy to do. As is the case with so many of these sites though, the experience can vary widely between users.

            Although there are people active on the site regularly, some are lamenting that it has a smaller number of active users than other dating sites. They feel that it might take them longer to find someone. As is with any type of site online, especially dating sites, you will certainly find some people on the site that are not who they claim, that might seem a bit “off”, and that you probably do not want to have further communications with. Fortunately, you can block users.

            While there are certainly cons to the site. There are also some pros.

            Even though some may wish there were more people on the site each day, quite a few have found good matches within days of joining the site. In addition, you want to find quality people that fit the niche of the site. It can be difficult for people to find others to date when they tend to spend so much of their day working on the farm, and they already know all the people in town. One of the nice things about is that it does help to fit a specific niche, and it has many success stories about people finding one another.

            Many also like the simplicity of the site, which can be both positive and negative, which we have talked about more in the section on website design. When you sign up for your account, you do not need to provide too much in the way of information in the beginning. You fill in your gender, who you are seeking, email address, age, and zip code. The zip is so people will have an idea of your general location so they can determine whether it would be a good idea to start communicating or not. After all, it might not be a good move for someone in Upstate NY to connect with someone in Idaho if neither party is likely to move. The simplicity of the site can also be nice for those who do not want to fill out long forms and take long quizzes just to get onto a site. You still need to complete a profile, but it keeps things on the simpler side of the spectrum.

            The Bottom Line

            As you can see, there are plenty of good and bad elements to They market themselves to a specific niche audience, and when you use the site to seek out similar people who have interests like yours, it does increase the chance of finding someone who might mesh well with you. The actual experience of the site itself might still leave a bit to be desired. Set up a free account, as mentioned, to get an idea of how the site works.

            You may then want to pay for just a single month of the premium service so you can try out the other features and see how it all works. If you do not like it, cancel after a month. If you do, consider getting one of the longer subscription plans so you can save some money.

            FarmersOnly Video Review

            Thanks to Gabe Helmy for providing this video and his real experience on

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              FarmersOnly is a good dating website for farmers or people who want to seek a farmer. However, there are quite a few available features for standard members, and it doesn’t have app for iPhone, I have to open it on my Safari, that’s really inconvenience. I paid for several months membership and do had some connections, but they were not work. I will not give up on finding my farmer 🙂

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