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            • Easy to join and use
            • Convenient to connect with other singles
            • 100% free
            • #1 dating app for farmers & country singles


            • Small database of users
            • Some minor bugs

            Maybe you aren’t twenty-something anymore. You don’t want to meet a gal to take home to mom at the bar! But you certainly don’t know how to go about finding to her on your own, either. To make matters worse, you have to get some early shut-eye to be up at the crack of dawn to milk to cows. After hours of hard labor before the princess even opens her pretty eyes, you come home smelling of fresh farm manure. Typically, women do not swoon over this scent (even though to you it smells like money, right?). So what is a farmer to do?

            FarmersMatch: Easy and Free Dating For the Farmers in Your Life

            FarmersMatch! No, it is not a game on Facebook. It is a 100% free dating app for farmers. All you have to do scroll through detailed profiles to find the cowgirl of your dreams. You two can take a roll in the hay thanks to your new, helpful dating app. All you need is a smartphone like an iPhone or an Android, and you are just seconds from getting a date to the ho-down. No more asking your sister’s friend’s cousin to hook you up! Even living in a small, rural town won’t be a problem for FarmersMatch.

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            Dating Made Easy

            The first step in finding your beauty queen in daisy dukes is to create your own profile. You will have to answer personal questions. However, to do this, you must register. Don’t worry — it is free! After you register, the app will explain the entire site. Whether you are searching for love or trying to find some friends with similar hobbies, FarmersMatch is the #1 dating app for farmers & country singles.

            There are just four stages to creating your profile: a picture, your age, an email address, and your secret password. Yes, it is that simple. You can spruce up your profile with some additional filter criteria if you want. Just remember, it is free. Just like country living, we appreciate quality value at a good price.

            In the Palm of Your Hand

            You don’t need to be a tech-master to use this dating app. In fact, the design team knows that the majority of people do not care to learn about the hottest social media platforms if they are not already familiar with them. Maybe it is a millennial thing, but it’s not you. FarmersMatch is an easy dating app. All you have to do to browse the different profiles is swipe through the photos. The pictures also have details and quirks about the person you are looking at. You either swipe left or right depending on how you feel about the potential spouse. Finding a swiper that just so happens to like your profile, too, is easier than you think. And once you do… it’s a match!

            There’s No Pressure

            You are not your average Joe Schmo. Dating is not right up your alley. In fact, there are no alleys where you live. That’s okay; FarmersMatch makes dating for farmers simply because you can say goodbye to that annoying email convoy or skip the embarrassment of not following social media trends. If you are a rancher, farmer, cowboy, cowgirl, or otherwise non-city single, this is the spot for you. You already have people who understand your country lifestyle and want to keep up with your outdoor living.

            Maybe you like walking on the wild side, or you tip your hat to every elder in town. Either way, you have acres and acres to roam, and you want to do it with that special someone. If you live in wide-open spaces, you must register with FarmersMatch. It will recommend you cute hopefuls who reside in your area and fulfill your filtered requests. You can chat through an integrated message system, which means no more back and forth on Skype, Twitter, Facebook, or any other online forum. You can save those for discovering business opportunities, watching silly videos, and sharing pictures with your grandma.

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            FarmersMatch is a free dating app that does all the hard work for you. It will notify you when you get a message or if you get a match. All you do is register, and you are one step closer to planning a burlap-themed wedding complete with mason jars and tree stumps.

            Cross Our Hearts and Hope to Die

            It is always good to work with a company who cares about their consumers. FarmersMatch promises several things. Did we mention it is completely free? It should not cost you any money to find the love of your life; that is a priceless moment! You never have to pay charges or even put your credit card info out there. Who seriously does that?

            And the good news just keeps on flowing like the beers at a tractor pull. Your privacy is guaranteed! You do not have to give out your last name or address unless you desire. Any safe dating app will let you operate on a first name basis for your personal security.

            FarmersMatch will recommend dating hopefuls for you based on your filter criteria. That is a promise. After that, it is up to you to use your bubbly personality, good heart, and cute face to win him or her over. We know you can do it. This dating app is designed to let you know when someone likes you. If you like him or her back, it is a match. How do you ‘like’ someone on FarmersMatch? The app automatically generates matches for you based on your likes and dislikes. After checking out the picture and reading a small bio, you can either click that you ‘like’ it or swipe left to pass and keep searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

            Did you forget that everything was private? Instead of trying to connect with your match outside of the app, you can only use the built-in chat system to say, ‘howdy partner’ right then and there.

            The Bottom Line

            Instead of wasting your time, breaking your heart, and blowing your money in all the wrong places with the wrong people, try FarmersMatch. It is free. It is private. It is convenient and easy. This dating app is perfect for your laid-back, country ways.

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